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How to Get More Followers

Have you ever just sat down next to a complete stranger and started telling them your life story, without so much as a by your leave; just rambled on incessantly with no pause to gauge their reaction? If you did you’d probably find that they’d shuffle along and, eventually, off their seat and then walk away as fast as their feet will carry them while turning around every few seconds just to make sure you’re not following them. So, my question to you is, if you wouldn’t behave like that in real life, why would you do it in the blogging world?

It’s My Round……

Do you have a local, a bar or a coffee shop where you can walk in and be sure of finding someone that you know? You can sit down for 10 minutes or a couple of hours and just chat with people about anything and nothing. If you’re feeling down they’ll buy you a drink and listen to your woes and you do the same for them if they’re having a rough day. Do you know a place like that?

Sunshine Blogger Award

And the award goes to…….those who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community and, apparently, that includes me! I am chuffed to little mintballs!! A big shout out and a huge thank you to Word Hunter who kindly nominated me for the award and set a bunch of questions that I found surprisingly difficult to answer. Of course that could be because I’m still suffering from the plague a cold but enough playing for sympathy (if you could just pass the tissues and a hot toddy would be lovely, thanks) let’s get on with the rules:

Do You Remember Your First Blog Post?

Your first kiss, the first time you had sex and your very first blog post; there are some things that we never forget. Can I take you back in time to yours?  Do you even remember what it was about or is it the feelings that have stayed with you? The fear of what people will think, the excitement of putting your thoughts out there for anyone to read? Were you just bursting with passion and desperate to share it with others or did you write, then rewrite, then trash and then finally hit post after a couple of glasses of wine? 

Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers, I hope that you’re enjoying your day :O) So, it’s time for us to share our favourite song lyrics based on this week’s theme which is ‘think’. As someone who doesn’t think outside the box but can sometimes be found rooting around in the deepest darkest corners, I decided to share a song with you which actually has no lyrics. Yes, you heard me right, no lyrics this week but the most beautiful piece of music and a video that I watched over and over again because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Mystery Blogger Award

Well spin my nipple nuts and call me Susan!!  I’ve been nominated by the wonderfully lovely TheKabys at bittermarshmellos for the Mystery Blogger Award and I could not be more chuffed so a big, big thank you and please make sure to pop over there and have a rummage around – you’ll find some great stuff :O)

Ohhh This is Exciting :O)

This post, in which I will attempt (and possibly fail) to answer questions in a deep and meaningful way is thanks to the lovely Tom over at Tom Being Tom who nominated me for this award. Yep those are the words that are causing all the excitement; I know, I know, you’ve seen it all before but, in my mind, I’m walking up the red carpet with my acceptance speech clutched in my sweaty little hand!


Thank you so much to those 200 lovely fellow bloggers out there who’ve decided to follow me and read all the random spoffle that I come out with. I am amazed at the sense of community here and how lovely and friendly everyone is – it’s a real pleasure to be among you