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Weekend Fun!

There I was quietly minding my own business when Fandango tagged me for some weekend fun! Yes, I wondered that for a minute as well but, no, he was challenging me to answer some fiendishly difficult questions and then pass the baton on to 3 unsuspecting others. Obviously it’s no longer the weekend but who I am to deny his request so here goes:

Hocus Pocus Questions…

It would seem that I have been tagged! No don’t worry I haven’t been arrested or anything; it was the lovely Rory over at A Guy Called Bloke  who tagged me for some Halloween jiggery pokery. This fantastic bit of fluff and fun was originally created by Kim Chance and Destiney Murtaugh….

Freedom of Expression. Tag! Attitude!

Good morning everyone, I hope you’ve had a good start to your day ;O) Yesterday, the lovely Richa, creator of fun and inspiring iScriblr, nominated me for the Freedom of Expression challenge; how could I say no to that! This is a first for me so I’m very excited and a little nervous (really hoping I’ve understood the rules!). At the end of the post I’ll be nominating 3 other bloggers who I really respect and admire and I hope that they’ll pick up the challenge. Here we go guys: