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Hanging Out the Dirty Laundry…

I don’t know about you but I can’t help wondering why people feel the need to share every teeny tiny little detail of their lives on social media or, even more bizarre, why they want to drag the world and his wife into their familial disputes. Take, for example, the Mum-in- law who wanted to charge her son £17 for Christmas dinner; it prompted a debate on Mumsnet and has now found its way into the mainstream media. Why???

Am I Missing Something????

Do you know who this is? You’re going to say “well duh! of course I do Lisa it’s Kylie Jenner” aren’t you? I’m guessing you might even have a tiny eye roll when you think I’m not looking? Seriously, how do I not know about these people?? Admittedly I don’t spend a huge amount of time on social media but still! I’d never even heard of her until this morning but apparently she ‘earns’ $1 Million per sponsored post on Instagram which tops even Beyonce (who I have actually heard of) and has 110 million followers…….no scrap that, I’ve just checked Instagram and it’s now 111 million!

A Problem Shared…….?

People will share the most intimate details of their lives with complete strangers; sometimes their hopes but, more often than not, their fears, their worries, the things that make them angry and resentful………in other words the negative things in their life. 

#Not Waving But Drowning

It begs the question would Twitter would be so popular if tweets were not ‘liked’ or re-tweeted and if people could not follow each other? If that were the case people would just be airing their views based on their own moral standards and not as a way to gain acceptance or approval from others………..