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If Only……

..The Bible had been an autobiography. After the killings in Christchurch and those in Sri Lanka a few days ago, I can’t help thinking that God must really regret not making his intentions for the human race clearer. I’m not trying to make light of those two terrible atrocities but I do wonder how much longer mankind will continue to maim and kill in the name of religion.

FOWC: Impose

“I don’t understand why you won’t sign, what difference will it make to you really?”

The man looked at his inquisitor with sad eyes; he pitied his lack of comprehension but more he pitied his lack of curiosity. Why do men follow orders so blindly he wondered.

Song Lyric Sunday

Have you seen this? Over at Helen Vahdati’s site? If you’re a lover of music and enjoy thinking about the meaning behind certain songs I think you’ll enjoy it :O) The subject for this week is songs with a metaphor in the title and I’ve chosen to go with Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons, firstly because I love, love, love the song and secondly because the lyrics fascinate me:

So Demanding!

Do you agree that it’s time that we all stepped away from our little boxes and see what the rest of humanity has to offer us? If we can move away from the things that separate us and concentrate on the things that unite us surely we will all be happier or am I just an idealist? I really hope not.