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Song Lyric Sunday

How has your week been? Good I hope! Hasn’t it gone past quickly? I can’t believe it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday again. If you’re a music lover and enjoy discovering new tracks and artists or just like connecting with other bloggers why not play along?  Jim Adams kindly provides a prompt each week and this time he has chosen Hurt/Pain/Agony/Suffer. If you’d like to take part, and I really hope you will, here are some rules for you

FOWC: Wall

You can’t see over, unscalable summit

You can’t see through the feather light density

You can’t see under, unfathomable depths

You can’t see round, a glimpse of infinity

Buttocks and Cheese

Apparently I have a defective buttock. I have been reliably informed, by my Pilates instructor, that it has gone to sleep to the point of being comatose which means that my right buttock cheek is having to carry the lazy little bastard. What this means, in practical terms, is that my right buttock is constantly poking my pain sensors in a desperate attempt to get my attention and tell me to give it a rest for a couple of days.

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