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The Inequality of Law

Can someone please explain how the violent rape of a woman and conning a hedge fund out of money can possibly be on the same page in the sentencing handbook (if there is such a thing)? Does someone, somewhere who has a very important job title look at those two offences and thinks ‘yep that’s fair’? If so, he should be summarily fired and forced to track down his lost marbles! What am I ranting about? Sorry, yes, I should probably explain…..

The Price of Success

It was just 2 years ago that you finally finished your first novel, you know the one that left blood, sweat and tears on your keyboard, the one that consumed your every waking moment and took you away from your friends and family as you poured your heart and soul into it. Do you remember how it just took off? The money that came rolling in afterwards? The second novel that just seemed to flow from your fingertips? The adulation, the reviews, the interviews and now they’re making a film from your book; does life really get any better than this?