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Am I Missing Something????

Do you know who this is? You’re going to say “well duh! of course I do Lisa it’s Kylie Jenner” aren’t you? I’m guessing you might even have a tiny eye roll when you think I’m not looking? Seriously, how do I not know about these people?? Admittedly I don’t spend a huge amount of time on social media but still! I’d never even heard of her until this morning but apparently she ‘earns’ $1 Million per sponsored post on Instagram which tops even Beyonce (who I have actually heard of) and has 110 million followers…….no scrap that, I’ve just checked Instagram and it’s now 111 million!

The Man Who Cried Rape…

The story broke in the morning papers, a few hours after this respected elder statesman had finally been told what he had been accused of. He left the police station a broken man, broken by questions and accusations and into the waiting glare of the press, waiting like hyenas to capture the perfect image of his shame and confusion.

Are We Blinded By Stars?

Have we lost our grip on reality to such an extent that we actually believe we know these rich and famous people that appear on stage and screen and therefore feel justified in scrutinizing their every word and gesture? No, even that doesn’t add up because we don’t do that to the people we do actually know.