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We humans are an amazing lot really aren’t we? We’ve built machines that allow us to fly like birds, others that allow us to swim under water like dolphins and still more than give us the power to move faster than cheetahs. We believe that we are superior to animals in every way, to the point that we enslave them, devour them or simply watch them for our own amusement.

Who are the 0.00000001%?

99% of people don’t care about you or even think about you, they don’t care what you wear, how you look, where you go, who you see…….nothing. They don’t give a flying cornflake if you’re having a bad day or your cat just died or you just lost your job. Why? Because people are inherently selfish; they think about themselves, their lives and their problems because that is what is within their experience and is what affects them directly.