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Anyone Seen My Post?

I’m just asking as I seem to have lost it. I wrote a post for Song Lyric Sunday yesterday (Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward was the tune in case you were wondering) and it just disappeared. It’s not in trash or pending – it just seems as though Wordpress has eaten it :O( Has this ever happened to anyone else?

FOWC: Haphazard

We search for direction, a straight marked road ahead

We are lost and found and lost again, ever turning

A disorganised mess of organised chaos. Butterfly

Wings beat, one millisecond, we are off course again


Stumbling in the half light, trying to find the path

Where a foal once led my inner child, sure footed

Don’t look back, therein lies the darkness, she implored

Song Lyric Sunday: Take/Taking

Good morning one and all :O) Here we are again at the end of another week and it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday; the perfect way to discover new music and find new friends. As always the prompt has been given to us by the lovely Helen and this week it’s take/taking. If you’d like to play along, and I hope that you will, here are some rules for you:

Song Lyric Sunday: Lost

A very happy Sunday to all my Wordpress friends, a day which always comes with the opportunity to make new friends thanks to SLS. The lovely Helen, who’s feeling poorly this week so please pay her a visit and wish her well, came up with the wonderful idea of sharing blogging and music; if you love both please play along..

Feeling Proud?

Have you ever done something which others might consider insignificant but that actually made you feel really proud of yourself? Like the first time, as a kid, that you managed to tie your own shoelaces; everyone learns how do to it and it’s second nature now but, at the time, you could have burst with pride. When you do things like that as a child everyone congratulates you on a job well done which adds to your sense of satisfaction but, as an adult, the best you’ll get is a slightly quizzical look and ‘and?……’.

Why Are You Asking Me???

I have no internal GPS. ‘Please can you help me, I’m lost’ was one of the first french phrases I learned when I moved over here. I once managed to lose my friends at a service station for 20 minutes because I went in one door and out again through another. I have to write down the number of a parking space so I can find my car again. So why oh why do people keep asking me for directions when I’m out walking???