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You Guys Rock!

Honestly, I can’t say that enough! The blogging community is such a special group of people; if you need to let your feelings out, if you need to rant, if you need something to make you laugh, it’s all there and it’s wonderful!

Lend Me Your Ears

If you’re having a bad day what is that you most crave? A hug? A chocolate biscuit? A huge glass of something alcoholic? Or maybe you just want someone to listen while you pour out the details of your crappy day. The problem is that most people don’t actually listen do they? That’s probably why hugs, chocolate biscuits and alcohol were invented in the first place. 

If That’s All You’ve Got to Worry About..

Morning :O) I’d really like your opinion on something if you’ve got a minute. Do you ever listen to someone telling you about their woes in life and have to stop yourself rolling your eyes at them or sit on your hands so that you’re not tempted to cuff them round the back of their head? Maybe you’re the serene and understanding type that never judges? Either way, what’s your take on this:

My Faith Is Restored!

If you’re having the kind of day where you’re wondering if people are all just mean and nasty assholes and the entire human race is doomed to self-destruct under the weight of its prejudice and hatred – have a look at this………