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If Only…..

How many times have you said those two words to yourself or to someone else? Hundreds of times? Thousands? When you watch a film or read a book, do you think, for example, ‘If only he had gone to the bus park that day, he would never have lost her’. Have you ever said ‘if only’ before an event or during? No, of course not, it’s something we say with hindsight and hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

Isn’t the blogging world a lovely place! I am super excited to have been tagged by the charming and talented Nina over at The Cozy Pages; I am so happy that she stumbled across my blog and that I found hers. Please, please take a trip over there soon, especially if you’re a dedicated bookworm, and check out all the great stuff.

The Hardest Battle….

We were given the right pair of glasses to view the world through – they weren’t rose tinted and they weren’t dark and sombre shades either, they were perfectly, beautifully, CLEAR. We all learned that, whatever happens in life, it’s how you view it and process it in your own mind that will make the difference – your experiences are based on your perceptions…..