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How To Lose Weight

Do you feel less like your arse is attached to you and more like it’s following you? Have you reached an age where you look in the mirror and think ‘what the hell happened?’ Do you find yourself  holding in your stomach to try and avoid fat rolls and muffin tops? Have you gone from slinky and seductive to baggy and comfy? Have you got wobbly bits that you’d rather you didn’t have? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you’re probably thinking that you could do with dropping a few pounds…..

Yes, We Are All Individuals

So, on the one hand we have groups who campaign against purveyors of junk food and sugary beverages and on the other we have groups who campaign for their right to eat whatever they damn well please. What we don’t seem to have anywhere in the middle are individuals who have received enough nutritional education to make their food choices based on knowledge rather than what one crowd or another is telling them to do

Debunking Diets (Part 2)

The bread here tends to be of the baguette variety and not the sliced white kind which means that it’s not chock full of additives and preservatives. If you buy a baguette here you have to eat it on the same day because the following day it will be so hard that you could beat someone to death with it! 

Debunking Diets (part 1)

A quick whizz around Google News this morning resulted in articles about 5 new diets that have been launched; that’s the news just for today not the last week or month, in just one day! Curious as ever I decided to have a closer look at a couple of them and I’d like to share…

Stop! It’s Naughty

If you then tell them, yes it’s naughty but you can have it twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons at 3 o’clock, what will that do? For most of us by the time Monday and Thursday lunch times swing round we’ll be salivating and trying to stop ourselves diving head first into the fridge (or wherever you’ve stashed your tasty treat). At 2.59 we’ll be breaking out in a cold sweat and, at 3.01,heaving a huge sigh of relief as our taste buds finally come into contact with whatever it is we’ve been craving.

Unhealthily Fashionable?

All of this really goes to show that what what we perceive as being healthy may not necessarily be so and, frankly, any processed foods (including most sliced bread that you find in supermarkets) will never be as healthy as those that Mother Nature provides for us!

An Attempt at Clarity

In fact, forget all the little labels and try to think about it this way: if something is natural and non mucked about with, chances are it’s healthy: fresh fish, lean meat, fruit, nuts and vegetables essentially. If something has been processed (ready meals, packet foods, soda’s etc) or is ‘junk’ food (take away burgers, pizza’s, fries, donuts etc) then, chances are, it will be bad for you.