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Bras and Hairdressers….

How on earth can those two things possibly be connected I hear you ask. Good question and one that I, like you, would not have contemplated until the other day when I found myself in the hair salon for my six weekly torture session  trim. As many of you know I do not enjoy being stuck in front of a mirror for an hour at a time while someone does creative things with scissors and hair gum (what is that?!?!?) but needs must….

Loins Girded……

Do you find that, when you’re really not looking forward to something, you have a mental process which allows you to pull up your big girl (or boy) panties and just get out there and do it? It’s the mental equivalent of a kick up the arse. It could involve deep breathing or visualizing a positive rather than negative experience, a quick shot of vodka, who knows, it’s different for everyone.

Impending Sense of Dread……

Is there anything that have to do, on a regular basis, that you really hate doing? You know what I mean, it’s necessary, but if you could put it off you would and you find yourself always getting a teeny bit stressed the day before. Maybe it’s going to the dentist or monthly meetings at work, medical check ups, that kind of thing; the kind of appointment that you’re never going to forget because we don’t ever forget the things that we’re dreading……..Yes? You get where I’m coming from? Good, I’m so glad I’m not alone in this.