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Have you ever done something undeniably dumb but then couldn’t stop giggling about it afterwards? You know you should probably be embarrassed but you just can’t help but see the funny side? I think of it as brain fog; one minute your thoughts are progressing through your brain in a perfectly orderly fashion then the fog descends and they start stumbling around and bumping into things…….


Anyone who works out or just strenuously exercises will have experienced this at some point or another; the pain usually creeps up on you 2 or 3 days after the event and, I must be honest, depending on the muscles you’ve overworked, it’s not pleasant.

What is it with Women?

All of this exercise may leave me a sweaty, unkempt mess when I’ve finished but a quick shower and a bit of make-up soon sorts that out and, far from making me feel self-conscious or less feminine, knowing that my body is as healthy and in shape as it can be is nothing short of empowering. So, ladies, stop worrying about how you’ll look when you exercise and concentrate on how you’ ll feel ;O)

Pump it Up

This wonderfully inspiring man shows how building strength in our bodies can help to keep our minds and our spirits strong. He has cancer but he is determined to keep it at bay by working out. He trains with and motivates a guy who is 87 years old and, as he says, “It’s never too late to start working out”