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It’s My Round……

Do you have a local, a bar or a coffee shop where you can walk in and be sure of finding someone that you know? You can sit down for 10 minutes or a couple of hours and just chat with people about anything and nothing. If you’re feeling down they’ll buy you a drink and listen to your woes and you do the same for them if they’re having a rough day. Do you know a place like that?


We humans are an amazing lot really aren’t we? We’ve built machines that allow us to fly like birds, others that allow us to swim under water like dolphins and still more than give us the power to move faster than cheetahs. We believe that we are superior to animals in every way, to the point that we enslave them, devour them or simply watch them for our own amusement.

If That’s All You’ve Got to Worry About..

Morning :O) I’d really like your opinion on something if you’ve got a minute. Do you ever listen to someone telling you about their woes in life and have to stop yourself rolling your eyes at them or sit on your hands so that you’re not tempted to cuff them round the back of their head? Maybe you’re the serene and understanding type that never judges? Either way, what’s your take on this: