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Going Down?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just can’t seem to fathom what’s going on and rather than mentally reaching for the simplest explanation, you arrive at the most unlikely? Logic points you in one direction but your inbuilt sense of drama takes you in quite another……

Just for a Laugh!

Good morning everyone :O) I know that there are a lot of you guys out there in Wordpress World who are not having the best time of it at the moment so I wanted to put something together, just for you, in the hope that it will brighten your day and make you chuckle. It’s so easy to get caught up with the negative things in life that, sometimes, we forget to laugh and yet, when we do, we wonder why we don’t do it more often…..

To Tickle Your Fancy….

It’s the last day of the working week so what better way to celebrate than to have a hearty chuckle? I’ve put together some videos that really appeal to my sightly bizarre sense of humour in the hope that they will give you a laugh so that you can start your weekend with a big smile on your face :O)

Why Are You Asking Me???

I have no internal GPS. ‘Please can you help me, I’m lost’ was one of the first french phrases I learned when I moved over here. I once managed to lose my friends at a service station for 20 minutes because I went in one door and out again through another. I have to write down the number of a parking space so I can find my car again. So why oh why do people keep asking me for directions when I’m out walking???