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FOWC: Impose

“I don’t understand why you won’t sign, what difference will it make to you really?”

The man looked at his inquisitor with sad eyes; he pitied his lack of comprehension but more he pitied his lack of curiosity. Why do men follow orders so blindly he wondered.

The Power of Forgiveness

A 100 year old woman, who survived a Nazi concentration camp, asked God to forgive her mugger and murderer with her dying breath; I cannot begin to understand the level of faith that allows your last thoughts to be for the person who has taken your life but I wish I could…..

My Faith Is Restored!

If you’re having the kind of day where you’re wondering if people are all just mean and nasty assholes and the entire human race is doomed to self-destruct under the weight of its prejudice and hatred – have a look at this………