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15 Minutes of…….Fame?

Have you heard of Love Island? I hadn’t until today but, apparently 4 times as many people apply to take part in it than apply to go to Oxbridge (Oxford or Cambridge Universities). Why? Well, this is just my opinion you understand, because the former offers the chance of instant ‘fame’ and oodles of cash and the latter requires a lot of hard work and effort. 

No S**t Sherlock.

I wonder how many more ‘studies’ will need to be commissioned and how many more campaigns chefs will have to embark on before people realise the simple truth – if you feed your children fattening foods and don’t encourage them to exercise – they will get fat?

Yes, We Are All Individuals

So, on the one hand we have groups who campaign against purveyors of junk food and sugary beverages and on the other we have groups who campaign for their right to eat whatever they damn well please. What we don’t seem to have anywhere in the middle are individuals who have received enough nutritional education to make their food choices based on knowledge rather than what one crowd or another is telling them to do