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My First Sale!

As you all know, I finished writing my first book a few months ago and decided to go the self-publishing route using Kindle Direct Publishing. It will be published on 31st July so is only currently available for pre-order but someone (who I shall hug should I ever meet them) has bought a copy!!

Rewriting History….

Imagine that you had access to a Time Machine (unlikely I know but bear with me) and you could go back and correct past mistakes, would you do it? You’d be aware that changing the past could also change your future but you’d be able to undo hurts, say things you never said, in short, come back to the present with no regrets; would you take the risk?

Great Read Alert……

Have you ever read anything thing and thought ‘this is me, this is my life!’? I had that moment about half an hour ago. If you are a fan of great books and you have ever suffered from anxiety or depression I urge you to read Read After Burnout by our very own Mike Evans over here at readafterburnout. I started reading it this morning and now I can’t stop because it is funny and sad, brutally honest and thoroughly entertaining (pretty much what I look for in anything I read).