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My First Sale!

As you all know, I finished writing my first book a few months ago and decided to go the self-publishing route using Kindle Direct Publishing. It will be published on 31st July so is only currently available for pre-order but someone (who I shall hug should I ever meet them) has bought a copy!!

Book Update

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I haven’t been around too much over the last few weeks and that’s because I’ve had my nose to the grindstone (actually fingers on the keyboard but you know what I mean. Several weeks ago I felt the thrill of ‘finishing’ my book (writing not reading) and in a fit of over-exuberance immediately sent it off to a dozen literary agents

Anyone Seen My Post?

I’m just asking as I seem to have lost it. I wrote a post for Song Lyric Sunday yesterday (Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward was the tune in case you were wondering) and it just disappeared. It’s not in trash or pending – it just seems as though Wordpress has eaten it :O( Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Song Lyric Sunday

Morning blogging world, how are we all today? Well, here we are again for another round of Song Lyric Sunday brought to us by the indefatigable Jim Adams; if you love music and enjoy making new blogging friends please go and check out his site and then play along.  This weeks prompt is Burn/Fire/Flame and here are some rules for you:

Finish the Story – The Travelers

an enormous metal beast; it had wheels at the rear but at the front were giant clawed arms which served to change the direction of the machine but also to clear the dense forestation. It halted before the terrified survivors, the massive throbbing engines creating an illusion of life; a black heart of block and pistons beating. In their bewildered state the passengers didn’t see an internal hatch opening, they saw a giant gaping maw that they were certain was going to swallow them whole. 

Versatile Blogger Award

Isn’t it nice to feel appreciated, especially by fellow bloggers; there is something truly wonderful about a community that gets together to share their ups and downs and show love for each other! I don’t know about you but I feel blessed to belong to a group that hands out awards to motivate and inspire its members.

Sunshine Blogger Award

What a nice surprise for a Sunday morning; the lovely Rory has gifted me the Sunshine Bloggers Award! If you don’t know Rory, do pop over and say hello, he is so much fun and a really great guy – I just know that you’ll get along :O)  So, what’s this all about?