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Do You Remember Your First Blog Post?

Your first kiss, the first time you had sex and your very first blog post; there are some things that we never forget. Can I take you back in time to yours?  Do you even remember what it was about or is it the feelings that have stayed with you? The fear of what people will think, the excitement of putting your thoughts out there for anyone to read? Were you just bursting with passion and desperate to share it with others or did you write, then rewrite, then trash and then finally hit post after a couple of glasses of wine? 

I’ve Got Nothing…

Hey, fellow bloggers, have you ever had one of those days when you sit down in front of your computer and you’ve got nothing? You woke up full of vim and vigour and ready to roll out another post and, all of a sudden, your thoughts just leave….en masse? It’s not like a few of them just sort of wander off leaving you with something in reserve, they just decide to go on a mass walk out and you’re left wondering what you did to offend them?

Ohhh This is Exciting :O)

This post, in which I will attempt (and possibly fail) to answer questions in a deep and meaningful way is thanks to the lovely Tom over at Tom Being Tom who nominated me for this award. Yep those are the words that are causing all the excitement; I know, I know, you’ve seen it all before but, in my mind, I’m walking up the red carpet with my acceptance speech clutched in my sweaty little hand!


Thank you so much to those 200 lovely fellow bloggers out there who’ve decided to follow me and read all the random spoffle that I come out with. I am amazed at the sense of community here and how lovely and friendly everyone is – it’s a real pleasure to be among you

If You’re Having One of Those Days…

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like I haven’t blinked for the last couple of hours and I’m more than a little weary. Assuming it’s not just me here’s just a few things that I hope will put a smile on your face and determination in your fingertips as we wait for our second wind in the middle of the blogging week ;O)