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The Key to Happiness

Happiness. The thing that we all strive for, dream about, search for and yet, for many of us, it is elusive – why? Most of us have periods of happiness in our lives but they are often over-shadowed by misery caused by events in the past or worries about the future. I am not going to say ‘live in the moment’, even though it’s excellent advice, because, for most people it’s impossible

Time to Put on My Big Girl Panties…

One foot in, then the other and hoist! Hard! You know that your mental health is not what it should be when you start wishing that you were a fictional TV lawyer and your comfort zone feels like a prison; well, I say ‘ENOUGH!’ Sorry to yell like that but I need to be shouting this from the rooftops because I am getting on my own last nerve at the moment. When you don’t like your own company, you know it’s time for a change…

Freedom of Expression. Tag! Attitude!

Good morning everyone, I hope you’ve had a good start to your day ;O) Yesterday, the lovely Richa, creator of fun and inspiring iScriblr, nominated me for the Freedom of Expression challenge; how could I say no to that! This is a first for me so I’m very excited and a little nervous (really hoping I’ve understood the rules!). At the end of the post I’ll be nominating 3 other bloggers who I really respect and admire and I hope that they’ll pick up the challenge. Here we go guys:

What’s Wrong with Porn?

We know that, during the course of our 45 minutes (or 15 or 5), we are unlikely to arrange ourselves into 20 different positions and we know that if we were heavy breathing for the entire time, as seems to be the case in most porn movies we’d probably end up hyperventilating and passing out! 

A Problem Shared…….?

People will share the most intimate details of their lives with complete strangers; sometimes their hopes but, more often than not, their fears, their worries, the things that make them angry and resentful………in other words the negative things in their life.