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Happy Day!

Do you ever have those moments when you just sit and quietly think to yourself ‘today is a good day?’ Aren’t they just the best?! I hope that you will have many of them in your life because we all deserve a good day every now and again.

Inspiration strikes like a match In an afternoon monsoon microburst Of clichés, tired and trite The obligatory opening and closing Threadbare and uninspired A triple-dose of banal, twice-told Allegories, tedious, tiresome So much effort for the stale and pedestrian How much time did you spend Polishing that dime-store bauble of yours You so pretentiously loft […]

via On Writing (Yet Another) — The Stories In Between

In this wonderful poem River explores what it is like to write and to doubt; he really is a sublime poet and I hope that you’ll check out his work as I, for one, am absolutely in awe of it!

Lisa x

Song Lyric Sunday

Well, I have no idea where that week went have you? Hope that it was a good one for you and that you’re enjoying your weekend! For me, Sundays have become about discovering new music and new blogging friends and this week is no exception

Song Lyric Sunday

How was your week? I hope it was good and that you’re now looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. What better way to start it than with some great music, your blogging friends and Song Lyric Sunday which is brought to us by the awesome Jim Adams. If you’ve never played before and would like to join in, here’s your chance:

Insecurity It makes no sense But, there again, it never did. ——..—— It made me tense and in my youth I often hid. ——..—— I know not whence these feelings came but now I’m rid! ————— Perhaps

via Rapid rhyme #10 — Peter’s pondering

I read Peter’s poem this morning and I said to him that I really can’t explain why I love it so much but it really touched something in me so I decided to share it with you guys

Lisa xx

You Guys Rock!

Honestly, I can’t say that enough! The blogging community is such a special group of people; if you need to let your feelings out, if you need to rant, if you need something to make you laugh, it’s all there and it’s wonderful!

Song Lyric Sunday

Good morning all you lovely people! How have you been? I hope that life is taking good care of you. How about some music to kick off your Sunday? It’s time once again for Helen Vahdati’s Song Lyric Sunday which is brought to us by Jim Adams who has kindly taken on the job of providing us with a new prompt each week.

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