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Unhealthily Fashionable?

All of this really goes to show that what what we perceive as being healthy may not necessarily be so and, frankly, any processed foods (including most sliced bread that you find in supermarkets) will never be as healthy as those that Mother Nature provides for us!

What is it with Women?

All of this exercise may leave me a sweaty, unkempt mess when I’ve finished but a quick shower and a bit of make-up soon sorts that out and, far from making me feel self-conscious or less feminine, knowing that my body is as healthy and in shape as it can be is nothing short of empowering. So, ladies, stop worrying about how you’ll look when you exercise and concentrate on how you’ ll feel ;O)

An Attempt at Clarity

In fact, forget all the little labels and try to think about it this way: if something is natural and non mucked about with, chances are it’s healthy: fresh fish, lean meat, fruit, nuts and vegetables essentially. If something has been processed (ready meals, packet foods, soda’s etc) or is ‘junk’ food (take away burgers, pizza’s, fries, donuts etc) then, chances are, it will be bad for you. 

Is it too Stiff?

You know that if you don’t change the oil in your car or try to run it without fuel it’s really not going to do it a lot of good and, sooner or later, the engine will just pack up; our bodies are the most sophisticated machine on the planet so we need to make sure that we are running them on exactly the right kind of fuel.

Funny Faces

When I first came across the video I couldn’t help but give it a go – I spent the first couple of minutes in fits of laughter imagining the way I must look but I kept going and really enjoyed the experience.

Thank You!!!

Today I got my 50th follower and I’m really, really happy so I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s been kind enough to take the time to read the stuff that I’ve written. I only started blogging a couple of months ago but I’m loving it and really feel part…