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Song Lyric Sunday

Good morning one and all, I hope that you’ve had an amazing week! As is traditional for this particular day of the week, it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday which is brought to us by the Daddy of music prompts, Jim Adams. If you’ve never played along, why not make today your first time – it’s a great way to discover new music and meet new blogging friends.

FOWC: Inherit

She sat in the solicitor’s office, nervously playing with the strap of her cheap leather handbag. She looked around at the oppressive and solemn decor and watched the dust motes as they danced in the narrow shaft of sunlight that barely lit the darkly paneled room.

I just had to share this touchingly beautiful poem with you – I hope that you’ll love it as much as I do :O) x

She sat out on the roof and watched The city in its sadness; I used to see her every day, As we had each our habits — I loved her like the robins sing, With no real audience — But she was broken-hearted, then, And has been since. For though she kept her lookout true, […]

via Above It All — No Talent For Certainty

Song Lyric Sunday

Good morning blogging world, I hope that you’ve had an awesome week, hasn’t it gone quickly!? Here we are again, primed and ready for another Song Lyric Sunday, brought to us by the fantastic Jim Adams; if you’ve never played along why not give it a try today, it’s great fun and a fantastic way to discover new music and new blogging friends. Our prompt for this week is Desire/Lust/Romance/Passion so look forward to hearing some steamy tunes!

Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Sunday blogging world! I hope that the sun is shining on you and you have something wonderful planned for your day! As we’ve reached the end of another week, it’s time, once again, for Song Lyric Sunday which is brought to us by Jim Adams, the man who drives us forward with his prompts.  This week we are tasked with finding a great song based on Avenue/Boulevard/Drive/Lane/Road/Street, if you love music and want to meet new blogging friends why not play along? Here are some rules to help you:

Feeling Proud

Good morning blogging world, I hope that you’re having a great day! I thought I’d share with you a little something and nothing just because I am feeling rather proud about it. Those of you who’ve followed my blog for a while will know that, in the past, I haven’t had an awful lot of self-confidence and found social situations quite challenging; I know that many of you have had the same problem.

Song Lyric Sunday

A very good morning to everyone out there in blogging land (I was just channeling my 1980’s radio DJ there!). It’s Sunday morning so it must be time for Song Lyric Sunday, the perfect way to discover new music and make new blogging friends.  As always I have to thank our tireless host, Jim Adams whose prompt for this week is Cool/Groovy/Hip/Nifty/Radical/Swell.

Be Seen

Good morning blogging world! I have a question for you – have you ever come across something that touches you or resonates with you at exactly the moment that you need it? Something happens and you feel as though the Universe itself is speaking to you? I had exactly that experience yesterday and I’d like to share what it was I came across with you.

When I Was Young: Published

Those lovely folk over at Spillwords have very kindly published another one of my poems today and I can’t thank them enough!  If you’re a poet or a writer of short stories don’t be afraid to submit your work to them as they’re a great bunch of people and they won’t bite ;O) Anyway, if you get a couple of minutes I hope that you’ll wander over there and read it.

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