Song Lyric Sunday: Drink

Good morning fellow bloggers, how are we all today? Hope you’re all set for a super Sunday :O) I still only have one fully functioning nostril and a small cactus appears to have wedged itself down my throat but the brain fog has lifted slightly so I’m here to join in with Song Lyric Sunday. Created by the lovely Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time, it’s an opportunity for music lovers to come together and share their favourite songs. Each week Helen gives us a one word prompt and this week it’s drink.

If you’d like to play along and I really think you should as it’s great fun, these are the rules:

  • Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not
  • Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due and it’s honestly just a simple Google search
  • Make sure you also credit the singer/band and provide a link to where you found the lyrics
  • Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song
  • Ping back to this post or my own Song Lyric Sunday post
  • Read at least one other person’s blog so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process

This week I’ve chosen Lilac Wine; I immediately thought of Elkie Brooks but then found this beautiful version by Jeff Buckley who sadly lost his life in a freak accident at the age of 31.

I lost myself on a cool damp night
I gave myself in that misty light
Was hypnotized by a strange delight
Under a lilac tree
I made wine from the lilac tree
Put my heart in its recipe
It makes me see what I want to see
And be what I want to be
I think more than I want to think
I do things I never should do
I drink much more that I ought to drink
Because it brings me back you
Lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love
Lilac wine, I feel unsteady, like my love
Listen to me, I cannot see clearly
Isn’t that she, coming to me nearly here?
Lilac wine is sweet and heady where’s my love?
Lilac wine, I feel unsteady, where’s my love?
Listen to me, why is everything so hazy?
Isn’t that she, or am I just going crazy, dear?
Lilac wine, I feel unready for my love
Feel unready for my love
Songwriters: James H. Shelton
Lilac Wine lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
I’ve always loved this song as it has that oh so appealing combination of sadness, darkness and drama. It builds slowly but steadily with a sultry undertone that draws the listener in from the very beginning.
It holds a deep meaning for me personally as a glass of red wine in the evening was something that my husband and I used to share. We’d take a bottle into the garden on warm summer nights and just sit and talk quietly about our day, our hopes and dreams. Sometimes we’d stay for an hour and sometimes it was three but it was our time to share thoughts and feelings.
He’s no longer with me but, each night, I raise a glass of red wine to him, my love. I drink much more than I ought to drink because it brings me back to him…………
Lisa x

  19 comments for “Song Lyric Sunday: Drink

  1. Liz Reid
    August 5, 2018 at 8:54 am

    Have always loved this song. This version is beautiful. xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • August 5, 2018 at 9:01 am

      Hiya Liz :O) It is isn’t it, dare I say it, almost better than the Elkie Brooks version? xxx


      • Liz Reid
        August 5, 2018 at 10:37 am

        I would say at least on a par with it xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • August 5, 2018 at 10:46 am



  2. August 5, 2018 at 11:38 am

    Hope I have done this right – not sure how to ping it back on here though! xxx

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  3. August 5, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Good choice for the theme! I wasn’t familiar with the song or the artist. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. August 5, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    This beautiful song is new to me. Love the understated emotion Jeff Buckley’s interpretations bring to a song. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. August 5, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Never heard before, but I love it. What a voice! I raise a glass of red wine with you and your husband.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. August 6, 2018 at 2:34 am

    New-to-me, but so haunting and heartfelt….and compliments the theme. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. August 12, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    What a beautiful song! I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤ Also, I do hope you are feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

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