You Have 3 Wishes…….

Have you ever dreamed about finding a beautiful antique lamp, giving it a good old rub and then being scared shitless when a genie pops out? No, of course you haven’t, it’s a day dream, you move on past reality and focus on the 3 wishes part but how would that really pan out I wonder?


“I do not understand Master”


“Master, come back, I am a Djinn and you released me from my prison of many years”

“What???? You were in prison???? Oh God help me!!!!” desperate sobbing ensues

“No Master, you do not understand, the lamp was my prison and you freed me”

“I knew I should have eaten that brownie, Ye Olde Teashop my arse, it was one of those new age places wasn’t it? Yep that’s the only explanation, you’re a hallucination. I’ll just lie down for a little while and you’ll go away” sighs with relief

“Master I am no illusion, I am a Genie and I want to give you 3 wishes in thanks for my freedom”

“Yeeeeesssssss of course you are, well I wish I hadn’t eaten that bloody brownie that’s for damn sure as mustard!”

“Alakassoma!” An unnecessarily dramatic waving of arms and a flash of light follows

“I’m starving! Do you think I’ve got the munchies?”

“Master, again, forgive me I do not understand”

“Oh, you’re still here. I don’t suppose you’ve got a KitKat on you by any chance?”

“You wish for a KitKat?”

“Well yes, if you got one, don’t go to any trouble or anything”


There was a small ‘pouff’; in the Genie’s opinion, fishing a KitKat out of his pocket didn’t really warrant a blinding flash of light. He was also a little bit miffed as he was looking forward to having that with a cup of tea later……

“munchhh, munchhh, mmmmmm, delicious, I haven’t had a KitKat for ages”

“No me either………..Anyway, Master, you still have one wish remaining, please tell me what it is that you most desire”

The Genie was beginning to wish he was back in his lamp watching reruns of ‘I Dream of Jeanie” with his feet up.

“Sorry what did you say? Listen, I don’t suppose you’ve got a tissue have you, the chocolate’s melted and I’ve got it all over the place”

“Well, if you’d just eaten it like a normal person instead of trying to nibble every last morsel of chocolate from around the edges…………Forgive me Master, was that your final wish?”

“Well yes, if you’ve got one handy, this shirt’s new and I don’t want to get it all grubby, I’ve got a date later”

“Here!” The Genie didn’t bother with Alakassoma! Some people just weren’t worth the effort quite frankly.

“Oh it’s great to be home! Where did I put the remote? I can’t believe that bastard took my KitKat!”

“How much is the lamp? Great, it’s the perfect finishing touch for my new apartment, mind you I’ll have to give it a damn good clean when I get it home”

Have a wonderful day everyone and, if you meet a Djinn, think long and hard before you answer any questions ;O)




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  1. Franco-chuks blog
    July 28, 2018 at 8:47 am


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  2. July 28, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    Brilliant. That would be me !

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  3. August 6, 2018 at 5:57 am

    Fabulous post

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