Well, that was odd!

Can I ask you a question? Have you ever had something happen to you that was really amazing but then you didn’t want to tell any of your friends about it in case they thought that you were a few sandwiches short of a picnic? You know, not the usual ‘what’s she done now’ accompanied by a fond, if slightly patronising smile, but a real ‘OK move away from the crazy lady’ sort of thing?

Inner peace 2Yes? Oh thank God for that, I’m glad it’s not just me! Anyhoo back to the point. I had my Sunday morning yoga class yesterday; 9am sharp at the beach, slightly bleary eyed (that’s early for a Sunday) but ready to become the manifestation of a bird or a cactus (you had to be there!). Now, I’ve always loved yoga because I love exercise but I’ve always struggled a bit with the spiritual side of it; I have om’d and ujjayi’d with the best of them but nirvana was always just something that happened to other people.

I think the problem is that I’m not that great at sitting still and the inside of my head is often like a washing machine on a spin cycle (do you know what I mean?). I’ve had the odd moment of mental stillness but then I’ll go back to thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch and wondering whether trees actually do make a sound when then fall down even if I’m not there to hear it.

Lisa, stop thinking about trees and concentrate! Where was I? Oh yes, our yoga teacher was telling us that the next pose would help with ‘hormonal problems’; as someone suffering from the torture of menopause I was very grateful but also wondering if we were only doing it because my face looked like a profusely sweating beetroot and she felt sorry for me…….

fish-pose.jpgWe maneuvered our bodies into ‘fish’ pose (see helpful picture), which is less painful than it looks, and the teacher came behind me and put her hands under my back to lift me slightly higher (I was right about the hot flush being the motivator wasn’t I?) . From nowhere, came this huge smile and a sense of ‘relief’, I can’t think of another way to describe it. That in itself wasn’t so weird, as there is a huge connection in yoga between the emotional and the physical, it was what happened at the end of the class….

As is traditional, we all lay on the floor in Shavasana (or corpse pose) and closed our eyes. Now, normally at this point, I will start fidgeting, trying to remember where I parked the car, that sort of thing but yesterday something completely unexpected happened….

I felt completely, totally and utterly ecstatic!!! I was literally crying with happiness and it was as though I was somehow separated from my body in some way – it was there (obviously) but I couldn’t feel it. It was as though the universe itself was just giving me a great big hug. The feeling only lasted a minute or so but afterwards I felt almost drunk (in a good way), nothing mattered, I had no problems and nothing at all to worry about, it was wonderful :O)

It didn’t last unfortunately and I’m back to being my slightly neurotic and dippy self. I don’t know, maybe I’m losing the plot but, I tell you one thing, I am definitely going back to that yoga class next week!

Have a fantastic day everyone whatever you’re doing and please let me know if anything like this has ever happened to you as I’d like to reassure myself that I’m not about to have a stroke or something ;O)

Lisa xx


  9 comments for “Well, that was odd!

  1. June 25, 2018 at 7:29 am

    Just sounds to me like yoga is doing what it is supposed to do Lisa, and I am so pleased (and a little envious).
    To answer your question: when I worked shifts in my early twenties I would often be at work on christmas eve night. 3am one Christmas morning, in a deserted corridor, I bumped into our factory manager. He was stark naked apart from wellies. I never did find out why, nor did I say anything to my colleagues.

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    • June 25, 2018 at 7:32 am

      Yep it certainly makes a difference :O) Have you ever tried it just out of curiosity?
      That is so funny!!!! Did you say anything to him? Did he ever look you in the eye again? Could you ever look him in the eye again??? ;O) x

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      • June 25, 2018 at 7:47 am

        Yes – I did yoga for a year in 2007 or thereabouts. I eventually stopped going to classes because my teacher (an older lady) handed over to someone else. The new lady was lovely but started doing things like introducing ‘partner’ work – where one works with another member of the class (think playing Twister). As I was the only man this was awkward for me. She decided to partner me herself which was very considerate except she was drop-dead gorgeous and it made me feel VERY uncomfortable. I keep meaning to look for another class – the new vegan place in town does them now.

        With regards the factory manager. You know that scene at the start of the Full Monty where they are trying to get a stolen metal beam across a canal and a dog walker goes past and everyone just pretends not to see anything and just says ‘alright?’ ? It was a bit like that – just a nod of acknowledgement and never mentioned again.
        I assume he was doing it for a bet. Or at least this is the least worrying explanation..

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      • June 25, 2018 at 7:51 am

        Um yes I could see how that could have been just a tad on the awkward side for you ;O)
        Oh my God, that just made me spit water all over my keyboard! I could just picture it! x

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      • June 25, 2018 at 8:02 am

        🙂 🙂

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  2. June 25, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂 It’s so wonderful that you felt this pose working and had a connection between the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga!

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  3. July 24, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    Well, you certainly have a way with words. lolol Great post – DEFINITELY keep up the yoga. I have no experience with it, but it sounds like it worked very well! 🙂

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