It’s the Little Things……

Do you find that some little, tiny, incidental things really get on your pip or is it just me? For instance, could you find yourself getting toy throwingly irate over a packet of broken biscuits? No? I did. Now, in my defense, I wasn’t having the best of days but, still, as I think back I can’t help but wonder what on earth got into me……..

It was a morning ritual, at the time, to have 2 plain digestive biscuits will a cup of black coffee; it was a high point in what were otherwise pretty stressful days. On this particular morning both biscuits were broken; not into little pieces you understand, just broken in half. It goes without saying that I was not going to shove the whole digestive in my mouth in one go (anyone ever tried that, is it possible?) so what did it matter if they were in two halves? One could argue that it was a blessing as I could, potentially, limit crumbage (you know the biscuit to crumb ration) but I took it as a personal affront. My morning digestives were lesser biscuits, damaged goods and I was not happy about it!

irratttional angerAfter having munched my way through two halves, gradually getting more irritated, I decided to check out the other packets in the box to satisfy myself that tomorrow’s biscuit moment would not be the sad disappointment of today’s. Lo and behold, what did I find but another packet of broken biscuits and then another and another! As I rummaged and muttered to myself about the desecration of something so sacred my secretary called out and asked if everything was OK.

“No it bloody isn’t OK! This is completely unacceptable”

Now she was aware that I had nobody with me and hadn’t been on the phone as we had adjoining offices so there was a brief pause before she said

“What’s the problem”

“It’s these f***ing biscuits!! Have you seen them?” I was yelling a bit at this point

This time there was a slightly longer pause and then

“Nooo not yet they were only delivered this morning, why?”

This was said in the tones of someone trying to persuade a toddler to put down an indelible marker – you don’t know what’s going to happen but, whatever it is, you know it won’t be anything good.

“Come here and look!!!!”

I’m sure I heard a small sigh at this point (we were very busy at this particular point in time) but I didn’t care, this was important!

My secretary was the loveliest, calmest and most unflappable person I’ve ever met which, quite frankly, was just as well.

“Look” I demanded whilst jabbing at the offending biscuits with my rigid digit.


“They’re all broken!! All these biscuits are f***ing broken and I need you to call  the supplier and demand that they send us another box immediately and reimburse us for this box, it’s just not good enough!!!!!”

I was yelling……at her…..about biscuits…….

She looked at me for a moment and said very quietly

“You are my boss and I respect you but, seriously, what are you doing? Get a grip”

Luckily, after I heard these magic words, reality decided to reassert itself and I found that I was laughing at the absurdity of my outrage; the laughter may have had a slightly hysterical ring to it but at least I’d stopped shouting much to the relief of my ever patient secretary.

The strange thing is that I had a lot of seriously stressful things going on at the time – you know work bits and pieces- and none of it really phased me but biscuitgate became the stuff of legend around the office…….it’s the little things ;O)

Please tell me it’s not just me..

Lisa x



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  1. June 14, 2018 at 7:58 am

    I like Biscuitgate.


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