There’s Plenty of Time…..

“Look at this little bike, why don’t you just get on and try, you’ll have fun”.

No! I’m too young; I might fall off and anyway there’s plenty of time for that..

“Come in, the water’s lovely and swimming’s easy when you know how”

No! I might drown! Swimming can wait, there’s always tomorrow

“Why don’t you go and talk to Steve, he’s a great bloke and I know you’ll get on”

No! I’m not ready for a relationship and, anyway, who knows what’s round the corner

“Did you never think about having a family? Isn’t it tough being on your own”

No! The time was just never quite right and I don’t want to rush into anything

“You’ve worked so hard these last few years, why not go for that promotion?”

No! A promotion means more responsibility and I’m not prepared for that

“You have plenty of time now you’ve stopped work, why don’t you travel?”

No! I’m a woman on her own, who knows what can happen! Maybe next year

“You’re stuck at home now why don’t you try a hobby? Painting perhaps

No! I’m too old. Why would I want to try something new at my age it’s a waste of time


Oh shit…………………………………………………….



  2 comments for “There’s Plenty of Time…..

  1. May 30, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Absolutely! Though I have no regrets about never having kids. x


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