Walking on Sunshine or Eggshells?

If you’ve done something kind for someone today, for no other reason than to see them smile, please share it with me and restore my faith in human nature………..

Today I am genuinely saddened by something truly wonderful. The sign above, which I imagined would be a fantastically uplifting start to someone’s working day, was posted on Twitter and accompanied by this comment:

“Thought of the day: why not take the time to sexually harass a stranger”

I had an entire post prepared on how this kind of self-victimisation in the name of feminism is damaging to the entire cause and women in general but instead I am just despairing that we may be losing all trust in each other and the desire to interact with strangers in case we inadvertently offend them.

So, instead of giving you my usual rambling insights I’m going to leave you with these thoughts instead and hope that the World isn’t becoming as cold and distant as I fear:

Kindness 1Kindness 2kindness 3

We all need to feel loved and, when we do we are free to love others. The problems in this World will never be solved by argument and criticism but only by acceptance and understanding.

 Have a wonderful day lovely people xxxxx


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