Back to the Future

The latest catwalk trend looks very familiar doesn’t it? It seems as though we are taking a trip back to the Victorian era when women’s fashions were a direct reflection of the morality of the time; is that what we’re doing now? In the wake of the introduction of political correctness in the 1980’s, moral outrage has gone from being justifiable anger at abhorrent events to a platform that people can use to try to instill fear in those who they see as opposing them. The original feminist movement, for exampVictorian fashionle, freed women from genuine oppression around the time that this dress was in fashion but now it has been hijacked by women who seem to want to subjugate men, thereby putting them in the position that they themselves once fought against, or eradicate them completely.


Not only that, they seem to want to take away choice; their predecessors worked tirelessly to ensure that all women had the confidence and the freedom to make their own way in life but modern feminists applaud when their ‘sisters’ lose their job of choice. The Formula 1 grid girls are a prime example; they have lost their jobs because modern morality dictates that the clothes they wore were somehow ‘demeaning’ and their presence was ‘at odds with modern day social norms’ . It seems strange that the original feminists struggled for their right to wear whatever they wanted to and wherever they wanted to but modern feminists believe that ‘skimpy’ clothes will ‘objectify women.

It seems as though, in an attempt to ‘free’ women, modern feminists have actually taken us full circle, right back to the Victorian era. I wonder how long it will be before the whole process starts again and whether we will go further down the road of oppression in the name of liberty than the Victorians did………

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